The Airline Analyst is a powerful new online data service from the publishers of Airfinance Journal.

At the heart of the service is standardised financial and operational data for every listed airline in the world and many private ones. Sophisticated functionality allows you to create portfolios of airlines, perform peer group reviews and create charts. You can also download the data and charts into your own reports, either as spreadsheets or PDFs.

To ensure The Airline Analyst is focused on meeting your needs, we have custom designed an industry specific template that highlights the key airline performance drivers. What's more, because our team prepares the data to a consistent methodology, you can be confident that there is a single standard applied across all the airlines. That gives you the confidence that you are comparing like with like.

Find out more about The Airline Analyst and its capabilities by viewing a video demonstration:

Introduction to The Airline Analyst

Customising your data

Analysing an individual airline