The landing page once you have logged in, provides navigation to three principal areas: Airline Listing, Portfolios and Comparisons. User settings is also available.

The Airline Listing displays all the airlines available and can be sorted alphabetically or by country or by the financial parameters shown. The page also shows the date of the latest update uploaded to the system for each airline. An airline's information is selected by clicking on the airline name in the Airline Listing which takes you to the Airline Report page.

Portfolios permits the creation of portfolios consisting of a number of airlines. Portfolios will provide aggregate information for the selected airlines. This could be useful, say, for a global business or portfolio manager to have one Portfolio for his entire client group and several Portfolios for sub-sets e.g. geographic or market segments such as legacy carriers and low cost carriers.

Comparisons allows the creation of peer group sets of up to 20 airlines that will show a comparison of the selected airlines across the same financial parameters as shown for individual airlines in the Airline Report page as well as averages.